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Stage Managing for Between The Sheets: An Anthology of the Sexual Revolution!!!

I'm looking forward to this opportunity to work as a stage manager with The Left Coast Theater Company. Getting the email from this shows producer about the recommendation they got to work with me absolutely set my year off on the right foot.

I love all of these stories, they are cute, poignant, touching. If you are local to me and looking for something to touch your little gay heart this Valentine's season Between the Sheets is the show for you.

"After a fabulous reading at Strut in the Castro last year, we are going to be mounting a full production of the anthology “Between the Sheets.”

This anthology of 6 original short plays is about the trials and tribulations of queer sex. How hard do you have to work to bag that daddy? Is it always going to be this awkward talking to your grandma about sex, even when she’s a liberal lesbian?"

Titles and Playwrights

“44 Hours” by Chuck Zito “Generation Sex” by Kristy Lin Billuni “I Do, Do You?” by Leland Frankel “No Regrets” by Neil Higgins “Not Without my Lichtenstein” by Chris Maltby “The Internet is a Place” by Gina Young

Get your tickets here Upcoming Performances - Left Coast Theatre Co. (

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