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Are You Goth Enough To Be Haunted, Fall In Love With The Wrong Guy, Get Revenge And Burn Down The...

Awes I am delighted to be designing props for this production with Awesome Theatre. I spent my afternoon collecting Manic Panic Jars and Deciding which Joy Division shirt is the most iconic. I hope to see you at our opening night for this essential original story. BUY TICKETS

A New Play by Claire Rice Directed by Neil Higgins

April 14, 15, 20, 21, 22, 27, 28, and 29

Bindlestiff Studio 185, 6th St. SF


Hey, don’t write yourself off… yet.

Awesome Theatre is thrilled to be working with Bindlestiff Studios to present a hauntingly hilarious new gothic romance / dark comedy by national treasure, Claire Rice. What would you do if you fell in love with a hot older man and were haunted by the ghost of his past lover all while working at a minimum-wage summer job at the mall? Would you let the gothic romance of it all take you down, or would you fight against fate? Do you have what it takes to be goth enough to handle the haunting romance, the fiery passion, and the ultimate act of rebellion? Come find out as we challenge fate and explore what happens when we dare to write ourselves off.

Featuring: Janelle Aguirre, Max Seijas, Sindey McNulty, Alex Trono, and Nikki Nutterfield

Artistic Staff: Natalie Ashodian, Erica Andracchio, Neil Higgins, Colin Johnson, Kenna Lindsay, Nikki Meñez, Anthony R. Miller, Matt Owens, Dave Ragaza, Claire Rice, Puja Tolton, Olivia Vazquez, and Kelli Westad.

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