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The Supers a Science Fiction Clown Space Opera, Produced by Circus Center, at Z Space SF CA—Prop Designer 


The Hired Help, Artist Residencey Program, Epic Immersive SF CA—Writer, Director, Producer

Wonderland at Underland, Epic Immersive SF CA—Tweedle Dum

Children Clown Show Relief Tour, Clown corps Bali Indonesia—Clown Ensemble & Contact Juggler


TILT Clown Theater Show, Clown Conservatory SF CA— Elizabeth the Depressed Clown

Wild as Wolves Immersive Theater Production, Vespertine Circus Oakland CA
—Black Mask & 

Friday Night Flights, Circus Center SF CA

Clown Show as The Magic Rabbit

Circus Center Cabaret Season 4, SF CA

—Stage hand/PA 

Slapdash Talent Show, Circus Center SF CA

—Aerial Hoop Act


Circus Center Cabaret Season 3, SF CA

— Set up and Strike 

Circus Freaks, Dallas TX

— Stage Falls Improv Troupe

— Volunteer Technical Assistant

RIT Rocky Horror Picture Show, Rochester NY

— Columbia

— Magenta

— Tech Assistant


E.V.I.L., Dallas, TX  — workshop style improv class

Existential Variety Improv Lab (E.V.I.L.) was a monthly improv workshop hosted by the Circus Freaks in Dallas that covers more advanced techniques than their Improv intro class. Including: puppetry, physicality and consistency in a scene, and pie throwing.

Circus Center Clown Conservatory SF, CA


Circus Center Aerial Training Program SF, CA 2016 - 2020



  • Improvisation

  • Aerial

  • Slackline

  • Hula Hoop 

  • Costume Design and Production

  • Puppetry


  • Contact juggling

  • Pie throwing

  • Ukulele

  • Harp

  • Juggling


Cheer Deer — Roving Ukulele playing Deer


  • English

  • Some French, Indonesian

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